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Fall (11/22/14)

Painter Hall (PAI) Room 2.48


9:00am    Coffee, juice, and donuts
9:15am    Dustin Lorshbough, UT Graduate Student: "Primordial Gravitational Waves and the Origin of the Universe"
10:05am    Dr. Keji Lai: "Electronic Physics in the Nanoscale"
10:55am    Break
11:10am    Physics Circus
12:00pm    Lunch (pizza & sodas)
1:00pm    Lab Demonstrations (8th floor of RLM)

Fall (11/23/13)
    Dr. Peter Onyisi: "Particle Physics: Looking for the Smallest Stuff There Is"
    Dr. Elaine Li: "Playing Legos with Nanoparticles"
    Dr. Todd Ditmire: "Ultra-High Intensity Lasers: Making and Using the Brightest Light in the Universe"

Fall (11/17/12)
    Dr. Manuel Hegelich: "Physics and Applications of Extreme Laser Fields"
    Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick: "The Physics of Baseball"
    Dr. Austin Gleeson: The God Particle"

Fall (11/12/11)
    Dr. Karol Lang: "Elusive Neutrinos"
    Dr. Mike Downer: "The World's Smallest Particle Accelerator"
    Dr. Can Kilic: An Overview of Our Universe and Its Darkest Secrets"

Spring (4/02/11)
    Dr. Donglei Fan: "Electric Tweezers: Applications in sensors, biology, and NEMS"
    Dr. Christina Markert: "The 'Little Bang in the Laboratory' - Physics at the LHC"
    Dr. Richard Matzner: "LIGO: The Gravitational Wave Observatory"

Fall (11/06/10)
    Dr. Allan MacDonald: "Levitating Frogs, Scotch Tape, and the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics"
    Dr. Rory Coker: "Some Big Surprises in Fundamental Physics"
    Dr. Vernita Gordon: "You are Mostly Not Human, but Neither are Other Things"
    Patsy McDonald: "Take YOUR Work out of THEIR Homework"

Spring (4/17/10)
    Dr. Manfred Fink: "There is no Perfect Homicide"
    Dr. George Shubeita: "Molecular Motors: The Ultimate Nanomachine"
    Dr. John Keto: "First Experiments on a New X-Ray Laser: Explosions of Atomic Clusters"

Fall (11/14/09)
    Dr. Mark Raizen "Controlling All Atoms"
    Dr. Richard Hazeltine "Creating a Star on Earth: The Challenge of Fusion Power"
    Dr. Sacha Kopp "The Science (and Nonsense) of Angels & Demons": part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6

Spring (4/18/09)
    Dr. Cliff Frohlich: "My Affair with Physics and Sport: The Mechanics of Bowling and Springboard Diving"
    Dr. Gennady Shvets: "The Wonderful World of MetaMaterials"
    Dr. Austin Gleeson: "Acceleration and Relativity - The Hangle"
    Dr. Gleeson and Andrew Yue: 'Physics Circus'

Fall (11/15/08)
    Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Florin: Why it is fun to be a Biophysicist
    Dr. Greg Sitz: "Vacuum: The Physics of Nothing"
    Dr. Gregory Fiete: "Quantum Physics and Topology on a Scale Smaller than the Width of Human Hair: The Next Revolution in Computing?"

Spring (03/29/08)
    Dr. Harry Swinney: "Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Saturn's Polar Hexagon, and Monterey Bay: Insights from Laboratory Experiments"
    Dr. Michael Marder: "Physics of Friction"
    Dr. Todd Ditmire: "Ultrahigh Power Lasers: Making the Brightest Light and the Hottest Matter in the Universe"

Fall (11/17/07)
    Dr. George Shubeita: "Molecular Motor Proteins: Nano-Machines in Living Cells"
    Dr. Manfred Fink: "Raman Spectroscopy in the Deep Ocean"
    Dr. Austin Gleeson: "Harry and Sally: A Relativistic Romance (An Introductory Lecture on Relativity)"

Spring (03/31/07)
    Dr. Downer: "Photographs of the World's Smallest Particle Accelerator"
    Dr. Li: "Ultrafast Meets Ultrasmall: Quantum Dynamics in Nanostructures"
    Dr. Klein: "Going Over to the Dark Side"
    Dr. Shih: "Seeing Nano-World"

Fall (11/11/06)
    Dr. Schwitters: "Imaging Maya Pyramids with Cosmic Ray Muons"
    Dr. Coker: "Pseudoscience!" | Relevant slides: satslide, slide1, slide2
    Dr. C. Markert: "The 'Little Bang' in the Laboratory - Accelerator Physics"
    Dr. J. Markert: "Physics Demonstrations: Electron Charge-to-Mass Ratio, etc."

Spring (4/22/06)
    Dr. Keto: "Nanoparticles as Building Blocks for New Materials and Devices"
    Dr. Shvets: "Making Optical Meta-Materials for Fun and Applications"
    Dr. Reichl: "The Control of Quantum Transitions Using Intense Laser Pulses"

Fall (12/03/05)
    Dr. Jack Swift: "Liquid Crystals - Strange States of Matter"
    Dr. Swadesh Mahajan: "Fusion and the Hydrogen Economy"
    Dr. George Sudarshan: "The Miracle of Light"
    Patsy McDonald: "Take Your Work out of Their Homework"

Spring (2/26/05)
    Dr. Florin: "Physics in Biology: An Exciting Journey from Atoms to Aliens"
    Dr. Demkov: "The Role of Physics in Technology Development"
    Dr. Lang: "Neutrinos: Micro World and the Universe"

Fall (11/20/04)
    Dr. Griffy: "From Marconi to Cell Phones, a History of RF Communications"
    Dr. Fischler: "The Nobel Prize in Physics 2004: 'For the Discovery of Asymptotic Freedom in the Theory of Strong Interactions'"
    Dr. Oakes: "Physics Teaching Ideas"

Spring (4/24/04)
    Dr. Tsoi: "SPINTRONICS: Exploiting the Spin of the Electron"
    Dr. Kopp: "Quantum Mechanics 101: Probability vs. Determinism, and the Limits of 'Knowability' in Real-life Experiments"
    Dr. A. Lee: "Dynamics of Impact: Studying the Formation of Craters from the Moon to the Laboratory"
    Mr. Frank Holder "Good Vibrations * Make and Take Sound Demos"

Fall (11/22/03)
    Dr. MacDonald: "Spintronics: Information Technology Revolution Redux?"
    Dr. Ray: "Making Quark Soup Out of Gold"
    Dr. Antoniewicz: "Surfaces, Where the Action is"

Spring (3/29/03)
    Dr. Matzner: "Gravitational Waves: New Detectors Look into the Heart of Astrophysical Objects"
    Dr. Valanju: "Negative Index Media"
    Dr. Markert: "Ultrasensitive Force Measurements Using Mechanical Oscillators"
    Dr. Trappe: "Make and Take Optics Demonstrations"

Fall (11/16/02)
    Dr. Bengtson: "Manned Missions Beyond the Moon - The VASIMR Space Thruster"
    Dr. Fink: "Physics and Forensic Science"
    Dr. Klein: "Solar Neutrino Astronomy: Birth After Thirty Years of Labor"
    Dr. Trappe: "Teacher Make-and-Take Workshop on Momentum and Energy Demonstrations"

Spring (4/27/02)
    Dr. Erskine: "Physics of Surfaces and Thin Films"
    Dr. Coker: "Bogus Science and Non-Science"
    Dr. Käs: "Optical Traps: Manipulating Biological Cells Without Touching Them!"

Fall (11/10/01)
    Dr. Dicus: "Neutrinos"
    Dr. Schwitters: "Physics and National Security"
    Dr. Yao: "Nanoscale Science and Technology"

Spring (4/7/01)
    Dr. Frommhold: "Sonoluminescence - a Star in a Jar, or a Few Electrons in a Tiny Bubble?"
    Dr. Ditmire: "Super Intense Lasers: Making the Brightest Light and the Hottest Matter in the Universe on a Table Top"
    Dr. Heinzen: "Chemical Reactions at the Absolute Zero of Temperature"
    Al Balmer: "Doc Fizzix and the Physics of Mousetrap Cars"

Fall (11/11/00)
    Dr. Hazeltine: "Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics"
    Dr. Kopp: "Elementary Particle Physics and the History of the Universe"
    Dr. Sitz: "The Science of Nothing"

Spring (4/8/00)
    Dr. Horton, Jr.: "The Solar Wind and Space Weather"
    Dr. Shih: "The Microscopic World of Electronic Materials"
    Dr. Antoniewicz: "Forensic Science"
    Dr. Moore, Dr. Turner & Patsy McDonald: "Take YOUR work out of THEIR homework"

Fall (11/20/99)
    Dr. Marder: "How Things Break"
    Dr. Fitzpatrick: "Computational Physics at The University of Texas at Austin"
    Dr. Heinzen: "Bose Einstein Condensates and Atom Lasers"

Spring (4/17/99)
    Dr. Hoffmann: "Nuclear Physics in the 21st Century"
    Dr. Fink: "Life in Intergalactic Space"
    Dr. Martinez: "The 'Colors' of Single Molecules: What Physics Can Teach Us About Chemistry, Biology, and Materials on the Nanometer Scale"

Fall (11/14/98)
    Dr. deLozanne: "How to Use Carbon Nanotubes to Make and Measure Other Nanothings"
    Dr. Käs: "Manipulating Materials with Light"
    Dr. Fischler: "What is String Theory?"
    Dr. Moore, Dr. Turner & Patsy McDonald: "Take YOUR work out of THEIR homework"

Spring (4/18/98)
    Dr. Lang: "Particles and Their Detectors"
    Dr. Markert: "Experiments with Mechanical Oscillators: Measuring Very Small Forces, Losses, and Motions"
    Dr. Shepley: "Black Holes and General Relativity"
    Dr. Trappe: "Make and Take Demonstrations"

Fall (12/6/97)
    Dr. Raizen: "Laser Cooling & Trapping of Atoms; from Atomic Clocks to the Atom Laser"
    Dr. Kurt Schroder: "Hammer Time! The Shocking Physics of Impact Instruments"
    Dr. Fink: "One Hundred Exciting Years With Electrons"
    Dr. Trappe: "Physics Demo's Christmas Presents"

Spring (4/12/97)
    Dr. Mark Shattuck: "Pattern Formation in Nature"
    Dr. Keto: "Crystal Balls and Golden Cubes: Laser Synthesis of Nanoparticles"
    Dr. Antoniewicz: "Physics of Toys"
    Dr. Trappe: "Assorted Make and Take Demonstrations"

Fall (11/9/96)
    Dr. Fink: "Is There Life in Outer Space?"
    Dr. Reichl: "Chaos in Nature"
    Dr. Chiu: "Demonstration of the 'Class Talk' system in teaching General Physics (PAI 2.48)"
    Drs. Moore, Turner, Ward and Trappe, and Patsy McDonald: "Using Information Technology to Reduce a Teacher's Workload"

Spring (5/4/96)
    Dr. Peter Dana: "An Overview of Global Positioning Systems (GPS)"
    Dr. Hans Mark: "Spy Satellites: Physics and Politics"
    Dr. Bengtson: "A Lab Experiment for Faraday Effect, A/C Power and Mechanical Work"

Fall (12/2/95)
    Michael Sibberson/Officer Rodgers: "The Physics of Accident Investigation" & "Demonstrations and Analysis of Accident Investigation"
    Dr. Downer: "Table-top Terawatt Lasers"

Spring (4/1/95)
    Dr. Klein: "Radioactive Waste Disposal"
    Dr. Schwitters: "The Top Quark"
    Dr. Oakes: "Thermodynamics, Energy, and Old Engines"
    Dr. Trappe: "Assorted Make and Take Demonstrations"

Fall (11/5/94)
    Dr. Turner: "Educator's Guide to the Information Superhighway"

Spring (4/30/94)
    Dr. Gavenda: "Electromagnetic Pollution from Computers"
    Dr. Moore: "Interactive Homework"
    Dr. Coker: "Pseudoscience"
    Dr. Trappe: "Assorted Make and Take Demonstrations"

Fall (12/4/93)
    Dr. Raizen: "Experiments with Cold Atoms: Testing "Play" Ground of Basic and Applied Physics"
    Dr. McCormick: "Interactive Demonstrations and the Mac Trac"
    Dr. Oakes: "Capacitance and Inductance"
    Dr. Trappe: "Make and Take Demonstrations"

Spring (3/27/93)
    Dr. Oakes: "Rainbows, Haloes and Glories"
    Dr. Turner: "E-Net: Telecommunication Resources for Science Educators and Students"
    Dr. Bengtson: "Atoms: The Great Communicator"
    Dr. Trappe: "Electricity and Optic Demonstration"

Fall (11/21/92)
    Dr. Chiu: "Computerized Grading"
    Dr. Oakes: "Aspects of Wave Motion"
    Dr. Antoniewicz: "Extinction of Dinosaurs"
    Dr. Trappe: "Rotation"

Spring (4/4/92)
    Dr. Matzner: "Black Holes in Collision"
    Dr. McCormick: "Low Temperature Demonstrations"
    Dr. Gleeson: "Risk Analysis - What's Dangerous"
    Dr. Trappe: "Make and Take Demonstrations"

Fall (12/7/91)
    Dr. Gentle: "Fusion Energy"
    Dr. McCormick: "Low Temperature Demonstrations"
    Dr. Gleeson: "Superconducting Super Collider"
    Dr. Trappe: "Simple Rotation Demonstrations"

Spring (3/23/91)
    Dr. Antoniewicz: "Physics of Toys"
    Dr. Coker: "Pseudoscience"
    Dr. Fink: "Neutrino Mass"
    Dr. Trappe: "Construction of Classroom Demonstrations"

Fall (12/8/90)
    Dr. Oakes: "Instructional Software for Physics"
    Dr. Gleeson: "How I Teach Special Relativity"
    Dr. Marder: "Chaos and Related Topics"
    Dr. Antoniewicz: "Theory of Acoustics Demonstrtions"
    Dr. Trappe: "Construction of Acoustics Demonstrations"

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