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Quark Flavor Physics at Snowmass Parallel Session Schedule

DPF Snowmass 2013 Webpage

DOE Intensity Frontier Workshop Webpage
(Rockville meeting, Nov 30-Dec 2, 2011)
DOE Intensity Frontier Workshop Report ("Fundamental Physics at the Intensity Frontier")
          Heavy Quarks Working Group Webpage (website for the Rockville meeting)


To facilitate community feedback on the Quark Flavor Physics Working Group Report, a draft has been posted below.  Comments are welcome.  To make comments, send e-mail to:   The deadline for final comments is August 4.  All comments received will be accessible below at the "Comments" link, unless you specifically request that they be held in confidence.  Your name will be included with your posted comments.  Please send your comments in simple text form in an e-mail message.  Do not imbed your comments in an attached file (e.g., Word or pdf file).

To have your name added to or removed from the author list, send e-mail to one of the working group co-conveners.

Draft Quark Flavor Physics Report (Snowmass version, posted July 28)                                 Comments (deadline is Aug 4)

Earlier draft (now replaced with the Snowmass version)

Draft Quark Flavor Physics Report (posted July 8)                                                                  Comments (received by July 22)