Conferences of Interest to the IQTG

This page is under construction. Eventually, more details about the conferences below and information about past events will appear.

XXV International Colloquium
on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
August 2-6, 2003
Cocoyoc, Mexico
Centro Internacional de Ciencias, AC
and Centro de Ciencias Físicas/UNAM

Honorary President: Marcos Moshinsky
Third Workshop on ``Time Asymmetric Quantum Mechanics and Rigged Hilbert Space Mathematics''
August 7-11, 2000
Technical University of Clausthal
Department of Physics, Metallurgy and Material Science - Doebner Research Group
Directors: A. Bohm and H.D. Doebner
Secretaries: R. de la Madrid and N.L. Harshman

For more information, see First Circular and Second Circular (.ps files).

For the historical record of talks and discussions see the Schedule.

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