The Condensed Matter Group at The University of Texas at Austin

Condensed Matter Physics is the most diverse sub-field of physics, and, in the view of its practitioners, the most intellectually stimulating. Its scope ranges from curiosity-driven fundamental research into the many distinct universes formed by correlated electronic degrees of freedom in different materials, to applied research that aims to lay down foundations for future technologies. The condensed matter physics group at the University of Texas at Austin consists of 15 faculty - 7 specialized in theory and 9 in experiment as well as approximately forty Postdoctoral Fellow and graduate students. The main goals of the group are to participate in advancing the condensed matter field, and to help interested undergraduate and graduate students become expert researchers. The group is established as an important center of condensed matter physics research and has produced many high-impact research results over the past decade.

Problems currently being examined include the electrical transport properties of carbon nanotube `quantum wires`, transport and magnetic properties of thin films of ferromagnets, magnetic properties of materials in non-equilibrium structures, magnetization reversal in nanometer scale magnets, coherence effects in light-absorption in semiconductors with self-assembled quantum dots, scanning electron microscopy, high-sensitivity magnetometry and more.

Quantum Optical Control of 
			Semiconductor Nanostructures - Shih Group
Optical microscope in front of a 
			liquid Helium cryostat - Li Group
Planar projection of the total 
			Berry curvature for a 25-atom nanoparticle - MacDonald Group