We are an interdisciplinary experimental group overlapping atomic, plasma and condensed matter physics dedicated to measuring ultrafast phenomena at high light intensities

Prof. Mike Downer, Director

Distinguished University Teaching Professor
College of Natural Sciences Distinguished Professor
Department of Physics, University of Texas at Austin TX 78712-1081
Ph.D. 1983 Harvard University
Fellow, American Physical Society & Optical Society of America
Office RLM 10.320; Labs RLM 2.406, 2.408, 2.410, 2.412

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Laser Wakefield Acceleration
Harmonic Generation in Expanding Clusters
Ultrafast Dynamics in Hot Dense Matter
High Intensity Physics
Nano-Interface Optics
neancrystals sistep ultrathin
Silicon Nanocrystals (0-D)
Silicon Step-edges (1-D)
Ultrathin Si films (2-D)




Downer group demonstrates single-shot cinematography of light-speed objects -- see Nature Photonics 'News & Views' highlight

Downer group sets world record in laserplasma acceleration: 2 GeV

Prof. Downer wins Piper Award for Teaching Excellence



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