Fundamental Physics at
      the Intensity Frontier
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Heavy Quarks Working Group

    Joel Butler  (experiment)
    Zoltan Ligeti  (theory)
    Ritchie Patterson  (observer)
    Jack Ritchie  (experiment)


To facilitate community feedback on the Heavy Quarks Working Group Report, drafts will be posted at this location until the report is finalized.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.  To make comments, send e-mail to:   All comments received will be accessible below at the "Comments" link.  Your name will be included with your comments.  Please send your comments in simple text form in an e-mail message.  Do not imbed your comments in an attached file (e.g., Word or pdf file).

Initial Draft of the Working Group Report (posted Jan 19)                                                     Comments on the Initial Draft

Revised Draft of the Working Group Report (posted Feb 7)

The Feb 7 draft has been handed off to the workshop organizers for integration, along with the other working group reports, into a full Intensity Frontier Workshop report.  The co-conveners do not anticipate further changes to the Heavy Quarks report, except for possible formatting changes, and the organizers have assured us that we will be consulted before any substantive changes are made.

The co-conveners want to express our appreciation to everyone who contributed to our working group.

Phone Conference Meetings:

    Oct 31 meeting (2:30 pm CDT)

        Invitation and Dial-in Information for Oct 31 phone conference (2:30 pm CDT)

        Co-convener Slides for this meeting  (Agenda and items for discussion)

        Link to Harry Weerts' HEPAP slides (Intensity Frontier Workshop)

        Link to Jim Seigrist's HEPAP slides (workshop discussed page 11)


Parallel Session Agenda

Documents Submitted to this Working Group:


"A Letter from the Energy Frontier to the Intensity Frontier,"  Raman Sundrum
"The Need to Advance the Intensity Frontier,"  Jure Zupan

"The Future Quark Flavor Physics Program,"  Van de Water, Kronfeld, Mackenzie, Sharpe

"Lattice QCD and High-Intensity Flavor Physics,"  USQCD Collaboration

"Kaon Physics: Looking Beyond the Standard Model,"  Norman Christ and Amarjit Soni

"Benchmarks in Quark Flavor Physics,"  Monika Blanke

"B->VV and B->Vl+l Angular Analysis,"  Alakabha Datta and Murugeswaran Duraisamy


NA62: Ultra Rare Kaon Decays (K+ -> pi+ nu nubar at CERN)

Measuring K+ -> pi+ nu nubar at Fermilab (The ORKA Collaboration)

KOTO: The KOTO Experiment at J-PARC

Measuring K0L->pi0 nu nubar at Project X, D.Bryman and L. Littenberg

The TREK Program at J-PARC

Testing Lepton Universality in Rare Pion and Kaon Decays, Doug Bryman

LHCb: Physics opportunities with LHCb and its planned upgrade

CMS Prospects for Heavy Flavor Physics

SuperB Report for Intensity Frontier Workshop

The Physics of the SuperKEKB/Belle II Super Flavor Factory

BES-III:  Overview of the Key BES-III Physics Opportunities

TAPAS:  Heavy Quark Physics at the Antiproton Intensity Frontier

Liquid Argon TPC as a means to study rare mu and K decays , D.Cline and K.Lee

Links to Background Materials:

B, D, and K Decays, Report from the CERN Workshop: Flavor in the Era of the LHC

Letter of Intent for the LHCb Upgrade

Belle II Report: Physics at a SuperB Factory, arXiv:1002.5012

Belle II Technical Design Report, arXiv:1011.0352

SuperB Progress Reports - The Physics. SuperB Collaboration (B. O'Leary et al.), arXiv:1008.1541 [hep-ex]

SuperB Progress Reports - The Collider. The SuperB Collaboration (M.E. Biagini et al.) arXiv:1009.6178 [physics.acc-ph]

SuperB Progress Reports - The Detector. The SuperB Collaboration, (E. Grauges et al.), arXiv:1007.4241 [physics.ins-det]

"The Impact of SuperB on Flavor Physics", Report by B. Meadows et al., arXiv:1109.5028

Physics at BES-III, arXiv:0809.1869

Future Prospects for Hadron Physics with PANDA (published version);  arXiv:1104.3961

Fermilab proposal 1022, "Intensity-Frontier Antiproton Physics with The Antiproton Annihilation Spectrometer at Fermilab"

Physics with the KLOE-2 Experiment at the Upgraded DAphiNE (published version);  arXiv:1003.3868

CERN NA62 proposal,  "Proposal to Measure the Rare Decay K+ -> pi+ nu nubar at the CERN SPS"

CERN NA62 Technical Design Document

CERN NA62 Status Report to the CERN SPSC

Fermilab proposal 1021,  "ORKA:  Measurement of the K+ -> pi+ nu nubar Decay at Fermilab"

The Project X Kaon Physics Research Program, White Paper from Fall 2010 Project X Physics Workshop 

J-PARC proposal, "Proposal for K0L -> pi0 nu nubar Experiment at J-Parc", KOTO collaboration

J-PARC proposal, "Measurement of T-violating Transverse Muon Polarization in K+ -> pi0 mu+ nu Decays," TREK collaboration

J-PARC proposal, "Measurement of (K+->e+ nu)/(K+->mu+ nu) and Search for Heavy Sterile Neutrinos," TREK collaboration