P. J. Morrison
Professor of Physics
Research Scientist
Institute for Fusion Studies


Mailing Address: Campus Address:


The University of Texas at Austin   Physics Math Astronomy Bldg. (RLM) 11.326


Physics Department Telephone Contact Information:


2515 Speedway Stop C1600   Office: (512) 471-1527


Austin, Texas 78712-1060   Fax: (512) 471-6715


Research Interests

I am a mathematical/theoretical physicist with broad interests. I am a skeptic by nature and find the most satisfaction with science that tends toward mathematical rigor or proximity to experimental data. As a member of the Institute for Fusion Studies, I have worked on basic and applied plasma physics problems. I have been associated with the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program for twenty years, and as a member of its faculty have worked on basic and applied fluid mechanics problems. I have investigated the nonlinear Hamiltonian dynamics of few and infinite degree-of-freedom systems for many years. It is this brand of theoretical nonlinear dynamics, Hamiltonian chaos theory, that I find most interesting. I have also worked on developing and applying advanced computational algorithms, in part through my affiliation with the Oden Institute Applied Mathematics Group. Here is my latest Curriculum Vitae.