P. J. Morrison
TAERF Professor of Physics
Research Scientist
Institute for Fusion Studies


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The University of Texas at Austin   Physics, Math, & Astronomy (PMA) 11.326


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1 University Station, C1500   Office: (512) 471-1527


Austin, Texas 78712-0262   Fax: (512) 471-6715
Email: morrison@physics.utexas.edu Institute for Fusion Studies Web Page

Contributed Talks

Several hundred papers since 1976 at meetings such as APS, SIAM, etc. A few follow:

04–25–80 "Noncanonical Hamiltonian Density Formulation of MHD," Sherwood Theory Meeting, Tucson, AZ.

10–14–81 "Rayleigh-Ritz Procedure for the Eulerian Vlasov-Poisson Equations," American Physical Society Bulletin 26, no. 7, 986, 6R13, New York, NY.

11–02–82 "Hamiltonian Formulation of Reduced MHD," American Physical Society Bulletin 27, no. 8, 1003, 4T5, New Orleans, LA.

04–11–84 "Multiple Hamiltonian Structure of Fluid and Kinetic Theory," Sherwood Theory Meeting, Incline Village, NV.

04–14–86 "Practical Generalized Energy Principles for Determining Linear and Nonlinear Stability," Sherwood Theory Meeting, 1C6, New York, NY.

11–09–95 "Wave Action, Action-Angle Variables, and Adiabatic Invariance," American Physical Society Bulletin 40, no. 11, 1819, 7Q33, Louisville, KY.