The Physics Lecture Demonstrations Office is part of the Physics Department at UT Austin .
Our mission is to provide demonstration support for Physics courses taught in Painter Hall 2.48 and 4.42.

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The Main Demo Index:
is divided into individual subtopics below.
Mechanics (1Axx.xx)
Fluid Mechanics (2Axx.xx)
Oscillations and Waves (3Axx.xx)
Thermodynamics (4Axx.xx)
Electricity and Magnetism (5Axx.xx)
Optics (6AXX.XX)

Modern Physics (7Axx.xx)

Physics Demonstration Web Sites at Other US Universities

If you have questions regarding a particular UT Austin demonstration,
please contact Dr. Aida Torabi .

The two web pages of additional online resources shown below were compiled by John Yeazell :

Videos of Demonstrations (UT and other sources) / Physics Simulations (various sources)

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