Peer-reviewed Publications

Peer-reviewed publications are the main way scientists provide the technical details of their research for other scientists to build upon. These are publised in scientific journals, which send them to experts (peers) to review and comment on. Once they are approved through the peer review process, the papers are published in the journal, which sometimes requires a subscription or payment to access. Pre-publication versions (the links beginning with arXiv) are free for anyone to read. When available, I've linked to both.

  • Ashley M. DaSilva, Jeil Jung, Shaffique Adam, and Allan H. MacDonald, THz conductivity of graphene on boron nitride, Physical Review B, 2015 (arXiv: 1507.01834)
  • Dillon Wong et al. Local spectroscopy of moirĂ©-induced electronic structure in gate-tunable twisted bilayer graphene, Physical Review B, 2015 (arXiv: 1510.02888)
  • Ashley M. DaSilva, Jeil Jung, Shaffique Adam, and Allan H. MacDonald, Transport and particle-hole asymmetry in graphene on boron nitride, Physical Review B, 2015 (arXiv: 1503.04312)
  • Jeil Jung, Ashley M. DaSilva, Allan H. MacDonald, and Shaffique Adam, Origin of band gaps in graphene on hexagonal boron nitride, Nature Communications, 2015 [open access] (arXiv: 1403.0496)
  • Ashley M. DaSilva, You-Chia Chang, Ted Norris, Allan H. MacDonald, Enhancement of photonic density of states in finite graphene multilayers, Physical Review B, 2013 (arXiv:1307.6550)
  • Yanfei Zhao, Cui-Zu Chang, Ying Jiang, Ashley DaSilva, Yi Sun, Huichao Wang, Ying Xing, Yong Wang, Ke He, Xucun Ma, Qi-Kun Xue, and Jian Wang, Demonstration of surface transport in a hybrid Bi2Se3/Bi2Te3 heterostructure, Scientific Reports, 2013 [open access]
  • Xia Hong, Ke Zou, Ashley M. DaSilva, C. H. Ahn, and Jun Zhu, Integrating functional oxides with graphene, Solid State Communications, 2012 (arXiv: 1204.5161)
  • Duming Zhang, Jian Wang, Ashley M. DaSilva, Joon Sue Lee, Humberto R. Gutierrez, Moses H. W. Chan, Jainendra K. Jain, and Nitin Samarth, Superconducting proximity effect and possible evidence for Pearl vortices in a candidate topological insulator, Physical Review B, 2011 [Editors' suggestion] (arXiv:1106.3605)
  • Ashley M. DaSilva, The stability of the fractional quantum Hall effect in topological insulators, Solid State Communications, 2011 (arXiv:1106.4418)
  • Ashley M. DaSilva, Milton W. Cole, Effects of Physically Adsorbed Films on Conductivity of Two-Dimensional Metal Surfaces and Graphene, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2011
  • Jian Wang, Ashley M DaSilva, Cui-Zu Chang, Ke He, J K Jain, Nitin Samarth, Xu-Cun Ma, Qi-Kun Xue, Moses H W Chan, Evidence for electron-electron interaction in topological insulator thin films, Physical Review B, 2011 (arXiv:1012.0271)
  • Ashley M. DaSilva, Ke Zou, Jainendra K. Jain, and Jun Zhu, Mechanism for Current Saturation and Energy Dissipation in Graphene Transistors, Physical Review Letters, 2010 (arXiv:1005.1351)

PhD Thesis

My PhD thesis, Transport properties of Dirac Fermions in two dimensions, is available for free from Penn State.

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