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Lai Research Group @ UT Austin

Nanoscale ElectroMagnetic Laboratory


  • Ambient setup based on a commercial AFM (Park Systems XE-70)
  • Variable-temperature (10 - 373 K) setup based on a cryogenic chamber (Janis Research, ST-500-LGV)
  • Low-temperature and high magnetic-field (4K/9T) setup based on a closed-cycle magnet cryostat (AttoCube Systems, AttoDry1100)
  • Variable-temperature setup with wavelength-tunable light source
  • Leiden MKN-126 dilution refrigerator with helium reliquefier
  • Two CVD/PVD furnaces for the growth of 2D materials.
  • Vector network analyzers (Keysight N5244A, HP/Agilent 8510B); microwave sources and spectrum analyzers; impedance analyzers (Zurich HF2LI); capacitance bridge (Andeen-Hagerling 2700A); multiple sets of customized MIM electronics covering the frequency regime from 1 MHz to 20 GHz; wire bonding machine (Westbond 7476D-79); fume hood and spin coater (Laurell WS-650-23)...

We also have the full access to fabrication and characterization tools in the Texas Materials Institute (TMI) and Microelectronics Research Center (MRC) at UT-Austin.