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Welcome to the Demkov Materials Physics Group!

Our current research is focused on the physics of oxide heterostructres. We work on the quantum theory of real materials, and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). We do both theoretical and experimental research. Owing to the complexity of these problems, our research requires high performance computing, most of which is done at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), and the state of the art MBE Lab . Below and to the right is a list of our most recent papers (a full list is available under the publications tab).

We are always interested in recruiting new students who are interested in condensed matter physics, and hope you will consider our group for your studies.


The Demkov group is looking for a motivated student interested in computational solid state physics! We use highly parallel density functional theory (DFT) codes designed to run on super computers to study the electronic and optical properties of materials. If you are interested, please email Professory Demkov and set up a meeting.

Demkov Group News

Kurt joins Applied Materials Congratulations to Demkov group alumni Kurt Fredrickson on his new position at Applied Materials!

New Patent Issued
Prof. Demkov and Dr. Posadas have received a patent for their recent invention related to materials integration for spintronic devices - "Efficiently injecting spin-polarized current into semiconductors by interfacing crystalline ferromagnetic oxides directly on the semiconudctor material" (US Patent No. 9,023,66 issued 05/05/2015).

Exciting New Research Opportunity!
The group is excited to announce a new research opportunity to work with IBM Zürich on non-linear optics. Both experimental and theoretical opportunities are available. For more details, please visit the IRES Program page or e-mail Prof. Demkov.

Kurt Fredrickson Wins Ovshinsky Student Travel Award for Materials Physics
Kurt was one of the students selected by the APS Division of Materials Physics to receive one of this years Ovshinsky Travel Awards in order to attend the 2015 March meeting and present his current research on the ``Switchable two-dimensional electron gas at the interface of a ferroelectric and nonpolar insulator: BaTiO3/SrTiO3.''

Research Highlighted
The recently published research on the integration of BaTiO3, its switchable polarization, and charge modulation of Ge was recently featured in an article for the EE Times (the article can be found here, while the research article can be found here).

Patrick Ponath Wins Young Scientist Award
At the recent Physics & Chemistry of Surfaces & Interfaces conference (PCSI 42), Patrick Ponath won the Young Scientist Award for his recent work on the integration of ferroelectric BaTiO3 on Germanium. Read more.