Advanced Atomic Design Lab
The Alex Demkov Group

Year 2022

Wente's graduation party

Wente successfully finished his PhD career.
He will start a new journey in the bay area.

2022 Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting in Honolulu

Alex is presenting his research!

Gathering with Dr. Jaekwang, our former group member and now professor at Pusan National University!

Year 2021

2021 International Workshop on Oxide Electronics in Genoa, Italy

This is a splendid meeting room.

2021 Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting in Boston, MA

Alex and Agham chatted with old friend Dr. Rytis Dargis, who was our group's first lab manager.

Tess's graduation party

We finally have the graduation party in Alex's house.
Best wishes to your future career in Austin, Tess!

Wei's virtual graduation party

Alex has a new look today :-)

Wei will go to a startup in Shanghai. Congratulations.

Demkov's group members chat online.

Wei's final defense

Let's celebrate Wei's successful PhD defense! Wei was introducing our MBE system.

Year 2020

Tobi's virtual graduation party

Congratulations, Dr Hadamek! We have two Tobi in the screen. Do you know who is real :-)

Year 2019

Ali's graduation party

Ali's parents, group memerbs and Pushkin celebrate Ali's graduation!
Group photo at the party!
Group photo at the party!

Ali's final defense

Congratulations Ali! Hope everything goes well in Boston!
Ali with his committee before the defense.
Ali and his committee before his defense. From left to right: Prof. Downer, Prof. Ekerdt, Prof. Chelikowsky, Prof. Demkov, Dr. Ali and Prof. Qian Niu.
Ali with his committee after the defense.
Ali and his committee after his defense.

Donghan's graduation party

Congratulations Donghan, best of luck!
Donghan with his wife and son.
Donghan's son got to blow out the candles for Donghan's celebratory cake!

Donghan, his family, Tobi, and Alex laughing.
Laughs from Tobi, Alex, and Donghan's family.

Agham, Lauren, Marc, and Ali smiling.
Agham, Lauren, Marc, and Ali smiling on the other end of the table.

Group photo at the party!
Group photo at the end of the party!

Donghan's final defense

Congratulations Donghan!
Donghan with his committee before the defense.
Donghan and his committee before his defense. From left to right: Alex, Donghan, Keiji Lai, and John Ekerdt.

Donghan with his committee after the defense.
Donghan and his committee after his defense.

New DCA reactor!

New reactor for crystal growth from DCA.
A new tool in the Demkov groups crystal growing arsenal, this new reactor features 3 magnetrons!

New reactor for crystal growth from DCA.
Alex and Agham are excited about the possibilities this opens up!

New reactor for crystal growth from DCA.

Elliott's graduation party

Group members and family and friends at Elliott's graduation party.
Demkov group members and family and friends celebrating Elliot's gradution.

Elliott and his committee for the final defense

Congrats, Elliott!
Elliott and his committee
From left to right: Maxim Tsoi, John Ekerdt, Alex Demkov, Elliott Ortmann, and Keiji Lai.

The Demkov Group at the 2019 APS March Meeting

A big snow storm kicked off the meeting this year!
Snow on trees and buildings in Boston, MA.

Group dinner with Demkov group alumnis Andy O'Hara and Chungwei Lin!
The Demkov group and sitting around a large table for dinner.

Wei giving his talk on STO flakes.
Wei next to a projection screen with one of the slides from his talk.

Agham giving his talk on VO.
Agham next to a projection screen with one of the slides from his talk.

Donghan giving his talk on electron pairing in graphene on STO via remote-phonon scattering.
Donghan next to a projection screen with one of the slides from his talk.

Ali giving his talk on the search for a design rule for strong Pockels active materials.
Ali next to a projection screen with one of the slides from his talk.

Year 2018

2018 December Group Photo

Alex's Korea Trip

Alex traveled to Korea for the Korean Physical Society meeting and an Oxides Workshop!
Dinner with Demkov group alumni Jaekwang (middle) and Hosung (right).
Dinner with Jaekwang and Hosung.
Alex answering questions after his talk at the KPS meeting.
Alex answering questions at the KPS meeting.
Group photo at the 2nd Workshop on Functional Materials Science.
Group photo at the oxides workshop.
Banquet with Jaekwang, Hosung, and some of their students. Banquet with Alex's former students and their current students.

International Workshop on Oxides in Electronics

Can you find Alex in this group picture? Full resolution picture here.
Alex at 2018 IWOE.

Lingyuan's Graduation Party!

Congratulations, Lingyuan! Here are some pictures from the party.
Demkov group members family, partners, and even some potential recruits.
Demkov group members/recruits and family/partners.
Donhan, Wente, Wei, and Marc hanging out.
Donghan, Wente, Wei, and Marc.
Mingling at the party.
Mingling at the party 1.
Mingling at the party 2.

Lingyuan's Defense

Congratulations on your successful defense, Lingyuan, and best of luck in the future!
Here are Lingyuan and his committee before, during, and after the defense. Not pictured: Graeme Henkelman, attending remotely.
From left to right: Keji Lai, Lingyuan, Jim Chelikowsky, Allan MacDonald, and Alex.
Keji Lai, Lingyuan, Jim Chelikowsky, Allan MacDonald, and Alex.
The talk begins.
Lingyuan beginning his talk.
Success! From left to right: Keji Lai, Jim Chelikowsky, Lingyuan, Allan MacDonald, and Alex.
Keji Lai, Lingyuan, Jim Chelikowsky, Allan MacDonald, and Alex.

Practical Quantum Mechanics for Electronic Materials workshop

From left to right: Marvin Cohen, Jim Phillips, Wente, and Alex at the Practical Quantum Mechanics for Electronic Materials workshop held for Demkov group friend and collaborator Jim Chelikowsky's 70th birthday.
Happy birthday Jim!
Marvin Cohen, Jim Phillips, Wente, and Alex.

Dissertation Award

Patrick was awarded the Departmental Outstanding Disseration Award for 2017-2018 when he graduated last summer. Congratulations, Patrick!
Patrick's outstanding disseration award.


Alex visited Zurich where Marc, Jackie, and Elliott are currently working as part of the IRES program:

Marc, Alex, and Jackie:
Marc, Alex, and Jackie.

APS March Meeting, 2018

Photos from a very busy March Meeting for the Demkov group!

Agham giving his talk:
Agham giving his talk.
Donghan giving his talk:
Donghan giving his talk.
Toby giving his talk:
Toby giving his talk.
Wei giving his talk:
Wei giving his talk.

And here are photos from our group dinner/reunion!
Alex and Demkov group graduates Jaekwang and Hosung, and Jaekwang's students.
From left to right, Jaekwang, Taewon, Sera, Jinho, Hosung and Alex.
Alex, Hosung, Jaekwang, Jaekwang's students.
Demkov group graduates Hosung and Chungwei and current student Wente:
Hosung, Chungwei, Wente.
Demkov group graduates Andy and Kurt and current student Lingyuan:
Andy, Kurt, Lingyuan.
Demkov group collaborator Stefan Abel, student Wei, and graduate Jaekwang:
Stefan,Wei, Jaekwang.
Alex and the grand students, Jinho, Sera, and Taewon:
Alex and the grand students.

Year 2017

Demkov group, December 2017

We've added a few new members (see the People page!), but here was the group for most of 2017. The Demkov Group Members

WINDS Conference 2017

Alex was invited to give a talk at this years WINDS conference in Hawaii.

Colloquium at Washington University St. Louis

Alex visited Washington University St. Louis to give a colloqium in November 2017.

Alex and Anders Carlson in front of Otto Sankey's office from when he was a graduate student.
Otto Sankey is Alex's academic father and the academic grandfather of Demkov group graduates.

Alex and Anders in front of Peter Fedder's office. Peter was Otto's advisor, so he was Alex's academic grandfather.

IBM Zurich Dinner

From left to right: Stefan Abel, Jackie, Alex, Jean Fompeyrine, Chiara Marchiori, another IBM fellow.

Patrick's graduation party

Best of luck in the future, Patrick.

Patrick's PhD defense

Patrick with the committee, before. From left to right:
Alex De Lozanne, Maxim Tsoi, Patrick Ponath, Alex Demkov, and Keiji Lai.

Congrats, Patrick!

After the defense, bigger smiles from everyone:

Kristy's graduation party!

Best of luck at your new position at Intel, Kristy!

Kristy's PhD defense!

Kristy and her committee. From left to right:
Maxim Tsoi, Keiji Lai, Alex Demkov, Kristy Kormondy, Alex de Lozanne, and John Eckerdt.

Kristy during the presentation.

APS March meeting, 2017

Ali, Andy, Alex, and Kristy at the APS March meeting reception.

Current and former member dinner. From left to right: Chungwei, Agham, Patrick, Donghan, Ali, Lingyuan, Alex, and Kristy.

Patrick giving his talk.

Demkov group alumni Andy and Hosung with Alex.

Alex at the FIAP dinner.

Year 2016

PHD defense, Université de recherché Paris Sciences et Lettres (December 2016).

Alex served as the President du Jury at a PHD defense at l'Université de recherché Paris Sciences et Lettres.

Quite a bit colder in Paris than in Texas!

MBE 2016 Conference

Alex at MBE 2016 in Monpelier, France. (September, 2016).

Kristy and Patrick at MBE 2016 in Monpelier, France. (September, 2016).

4th Workshop on Complex Oxides

Alex at the 4th Workshop on Complex Oxides in Porquerolles, France (June 13-17, 2016).

Demkov group, February 2016

Year 2015

Chungwei's going away party

Chungwei's going away party before he leaves to start in his new position at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.

Kurt and Andy's graduation party

Kurt defends his PhD dissertation.

Kurt successfully defended his PhD in early August.

Andy Defends his Ph.D. Dissertation

In mid-July, Andy succesfully defended his dissertation titled "Metal-Insulator Transitions in Transition Metal Oxides."

Andy discussing the lattice stability of NbO2.

Andy standing with his committee members after the completion of the talk and QA session.

Alex and Kristy at INFOS

This summer, Alex and Kristy attended the INFOS ("Insulating Films on Semiconductors") Conference in Udine, Italy.

Chelikowsky and Demkov Groups

Computational theory members of the Chelikowsky and Demkov groups.

Kristy and Kurt at E-MRS

Kristy, Kurt, and Alex attended the E-MRS (European chapter meeting of the Materials Research Society) held in Lille, France this May.

APS March Meeting 2015

This year's APS March Meeting was held in San Antonio, TX (about 1.5 hours from the University of Texas).

Prof. Windl (of The Ohio State University) came to visit one of the afternoons during the week.

Patrick Receives Young Scientist Award at PCSI 42

Patrick recieved one of the young scientists awards at PCSI 41 in Snowbird, Utah for his talk on "Carrier Density Modulation in Ge Heterostructure by Ferroelectric Switching."

Year 2014

Celebrating the Completion of Tobi's Masters Thesis

Demkov Group Photo from Fall 2014

Kristy at IBM Zurich Research Lab

For the fall semester, Kristy traveled to the IBM Zurich Research Lab to spend several months working on optical device applications of complex transition metal oxides. While here, she was able to learn several new techniques needed for device fabrication utilizing samples that she grew in our lab.


BerkeleyGW Workshop

In November, Andy traveled to Oakland, CA to attend the BerkeleyGW workshop to learn the latest updates to their code for calculating many-body corrections within density functional theory.

APS Publication Oversight Committee Meeting

As a committee member, Alex attended the APS POC meeting in Ridge, NY this October to help make recommendations for the operation of the society's publications.

Alex visits the Rice Professional Science Master's Nanoscale Physics program

In the fall, Alex gave a talk to the program's students about his experiences in physics throughout his career and insights into the semiconductor industry. The slides of Alex's talk can be found here

Some Members of the Demkov group with Jim Chelikowsky's Group

The 32nd International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS) in Austin, TX

This years ICPS conference was hosted in Austin, TX by the University of Texas.
Conference opening remarks and plenary.

The conference organzing committee: Dr. Stefan Estreicher (Publications), Dr. Alex Demkov (Program Chair), Dr. Jim Chelikowsky (Chair), and Dr. Allan MacDonald (Vice Chair).

Alex and Jim thanking Robert Hoelscher for all his hard working in helping pull off a successful conference!

Miri's Thesis Defense

Miri explaining some of the results from her thesis.

Miri standing with her committee members.

The Demkov Group at the 2014 APS March Meeting in Denver, Co

Kurt giving his talk on the theory of the BaTiO3 and Ge interface.

Patrick giving his talk on the experimental growth and characterization of the BaTiO3 and Ge interface.

Alex giving a talk on recent work (theoretical and experimental) on NbO2.

Andy was a winner of the Ovshinsky Student Travel Award for Material Physics.

The Demkov Group with Darrell Schlom of Cornell University (Alex was taking the photo).

Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC) Grant Review in Santa Barbara, CA.

Alex and Andy taking a walk along the UCSB campus after talks and waiting for the results.

Has Alex found his new office?

Year 2013

Demkov Group Photo from Fall 2013

Hosung's Thesis Defense

Hosung standing with his committee members.

Celebration party after passing the dissertation.

Alex Slepko's Thesis Defense

Alex and his committee members.

Celebration party for Alex.

Alex at the ULSI vs. TFT Conference (Electrochemical Society) in Villard-de-Lance, France

Alex at the Telluride Workshop on Emergent Physics in Correlated Oxides in Telluride, CO

APS March Meeting in Baltimore

Alex Slepko won the Ken Hass Best Student Paper in Applied Physics from the Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP)

Year 2012

Alex at the II Workshop on the Physics of Complex Oxides in Mallorca, Spain

Demkov Group Photo from Fall 2012

Saying Farewell to Lukas after Completing his Master

Demkov Group Photo from Spring 2012

Installation of the ARPES to the Lab

Taking a coffee break between all the hard work.

Working on the connecting the ARPES to the rest of the system.

Year 2011

Alex at the 2011 INFOS conference in Grenoble, FR

Agham opening up and working on the MBE chamber

Year 2010

October 2010: Rytis Dargis is leaving to join Translucent, Inc.

Best of luck Rytis, and Thank You!

August 2010: Jaekwang Lee's Defense

Jaekwang and his committee before the defense...

The defense of Jaekwang Lee...

Jaekwang and his committee after the defense...
(Prof. Allan MacDonald, Prof. James Chelikowsky, Dr. Jaekwang Lee, Prof Alex Demkov, and Prof. Gyeong Hang)

Party after Jaekwang Lee's Thesis Defense

Jaekwang receiving the PCSI Young Investigator Award

Jaekwang Lee receiving the 2010 Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (PCSI) Young Investigator Award from presenter Rudy Ludeke!
Jaekwang and Rudy Ludeke at the 2010 PCSI conference.

Jisun Kim and the Low Temperature UHV STM

MBE is working! With Dr. Jamal Ramdani (National Semiconductor, Inc.)

Year 2009

We are almost there with the MBE Lab: Miri Choi, Agham Posadas, Rytis Dargis, Alex Demkov, Tuo Wang, and Myung Lee (DCA, Inc.)

Humble beginnings of the MBE Lab...

Visiting Portugal (UT-Portugal collaboration)

Trinity College, Cambridge with Prof. David Drabold

Year 2008

Party for Sharia's graduation in 2008

Barbecue party near Xuhui's house in 2008

Jaekwang and his wife at APS meeting in New Orleans

Prof. James Chelikowsky with Prof. Alex Demkov

Prof. Jose Ortega with Prof. Leonard Kleinmann

Prof. James Chelikowsky with Prof. Jose Ortega

Year 2007

Barbecue party: Jaekwang Lee, Alex Slepko, Manish Niranjan, Hendrik's Brother, Hendrik Bentmann, and Onise Sharia

Profs. Leonard Kleinman and Sanjay Banerjee with Dr. Taras Kirichenko.

Party to welcome Prof. Otto F. Sankey to Austin

Barbecue party at our boss's house with Prof. Leonard Kleinman, Prof. Otto F. Sankey, Manish, Nikoli, Xuhui, and Xuhui's girlfriend

Prof. Otto F. Sankey with Prof. Leonard Kleinman