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We have invented a process for the production of nanoparticles by Laser Ablation of Microparticles (LAM). Our process is distinguished by having nanoparticle distributions with a relatively small mean diameter and dispersion (ratio of standard deviation in diameter to diameter) as compared to nanoparticles generated by other processes, especially ablation from flat solid surfaces.
Our goal is to develop manufacturing techniques for nanocomposite and nano-heterogeneous materials and devices that combine the functional advantages obtained from the “size-tunable” properties of nanocomposite materials with the fabrication and direct-write advantages available from nanoparticles manufactured and delivered in aerosol form. We focus on developing manufacturing techniques utilizing nanoparticles generated by LAM from an aerosol source, and on two important application areas that benefit from compositional variations on the nanoscale: a) nanostructured giant magnetostrictive films with high magnetization that can be driven at low fields due to a spin reorientation transition, and b) nonlinear photonic devices that have increased optical conversion efficiency due to both the enhancement of the nonlinear effects by nano-heterogeneity and the ability to phase match the interacting optical waves by coherently mixing active and inactive regions in a nano- composite optical media.

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