QuantumMechanics: Homework

This is the homework page for the graduate Quantum Mechanics (I) class PHY 389 K taught in Fall 2021 by Professor Vadim Kaplunovsky, unique 57550.

The homeworks will be collected in class on the due date. If cannot come to the class for any reason, please scan your homework (or take clear pictures with your phone), zip all the pages together, and email the zip file to me and to the TA. Make sure to email your work no later than 6 PM on the day it's due.

In the evening of the due date (or sometimes the next day) I shall post the solution. No late homework will be accepted once the solutions are posted.

Note: all the homework assignments — and all the solutions — will be TeX-generated PDF files linked to this page. Please do not look for them on Canvas or anywhere else. Also, please do not use Canvas to turn in your homework.


  1. Set 1, due September 7; solutions.
  2. Set 2, due September 14; solutions.
  3. Set 3, due September 21;solutions.
  4. Set 4, due September 28; solutions.
  5. Set 5, due October 5; solutions.
  6. Set 6, due October 12; solutions.
  7. Set 7, due October 19 October 21; solutions.
  8. Set 8, due October 26; solutions.
  9. Set 9, due November 2; solutions.
  10. Set 10, due November 9; solutions.
  11. Set 11, due November 16; solutions.
  12. Set 12, due November 23; solutions.
  13. Set 13, due December 2; solutions.

Last Modified: December 4, 2021.
Vadim Kaplunovsky